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We have a big-wide real-estate product portfolio of various characteristics and we facilitate the search for investment opportunities. We filter the opportunities according to the preferences and characteristics of the investors who hire us.

Tax section

We prepare the tax al structure to accomplish the necessary investment operations. We conduct operations for tax residents and tax non-residents.

Estructura fiscal para llevar a cabo inversiones

Legal section

We prepare the legal documents thanks to our collaboration with recognized prestige offices, counting with professionals with extensive experience in real estate operations in the Costa del Sol.


For those investors who want to sell their assets through promotions, sales to private person or to commercialize the acquired real estate as a business, we prepare the entire marketing strategy and its execution.

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We also design optimal financing structures. We help to put you in contact with local financial institutions to try to accelerate the financing operations.


We have specialists in the execution of building. Architects, technical architects and construction companies that execute the reforms, constructions and all you need.

Plano construcción casa
Decisión de inversión mercado inmobiliario

Market research

We develop studies of the real estate market situation, prices by area, sales made in periods of time, buyers origin countries ... we try to make easier the investment decision.